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Hiro Hamada


Big Hero 6

From When?

4 months post defeating Yokai/Callahan


His history.


We first meet Hiro at a bot fighting event. Now, Bot Fighting isn't illegal, but betting on the fight is and even at his young age, he still places bets that he knows he'll win. This very much so points to a cocky, arrogant nature as does the bored look on his face when he changes tactics and defeats his opponents bot. Even as he's being chased by the men he just angered does he display a devil-may-care attitude. His life may be in danger, but he just made so much money so it's clearly worth it.

This is equal parts Teenage Boy and the personality trait of someone who considers them-self unbeatable and untouchable. Getting thrown in prison for his illegal venture does nothing to tame his behavior, nor does being yelled at by his aunt. In fact, as his brother is trying to encourage him to give up bot fighting, Hiro is looking up yet another fight to get to.

So there's stubbornness. But there's also a love for his brother and a loyalty that'll help him later on in his story. When Tadashi takes him to his college, it's clear that Hiro is actually kind of shy. He's hesitant to introduce himself to people, only really speaking thoroughly to Professor Callahan once he learns the professor is actually an idol of his. So sometimes it takes a bit for Hiro to actually open up to people and go beyond surface conversations.

He's obviously not being mentally stimulated enough by bot-fighting, despite his honest claims that he really does love the hell out of it. When Tadashi shows him around the 'nerd lab' at his university, Hiro is immediately smitten by everything, deciding right then and there that he has to attend that school or he'll die.

What happens next shows that Hiro is very goal oriented. At first he's frustrated with not being able to come up with any ideas to show at the schools upcoming showcase, but then he gains inspiration from his battle bot and improves on it. After months of very hard, relentless work (something that shows once he sets his mind to something there's really not much that'll stop him), he has his millions of nanobots. There were probably times when he wanted to quit, but never actually did. Hiro is a very driven young man once he decides there's something he wants to do.

After losing his brother, he shuts down emotionally for a while, but once he starts figuring out who he thinks is responsible, he sets himself on a path towards revenge. This shows his love of his family and, again, his stubbornness. BUt he's not a dark or mean person and a posthumous message from his brother reminds him that he shouldn't give up on himself or make himself something he's not, especially not for the wrong reasons. So essentially, deep down, past all the bravado and child-like gleeful abandon of self-preservation, Hiro Hamada is in fact a Good Person.

It's only after the defeat of Yokai that he really starts settling into the idea that he really can do great things with his genius, something he never really saw himself doing before.

He's going to want to do good in New Dodge, to see what he can help with and what tech he can build to keep things going and to improve on things. He's going to do what he can to push his shyness aside to make friends and once he does, he'll feel settled in and it'll be easier for him to adapt to town.

Why do you think your character would work in this setting?

HIro likes to be helpful. He likes to figure out how to improve things, make them better, make life easier for the people around him. He's a robotics genius, so a lot of the New Dodge technology would be fascinating to him and he'd want to learn what he could about it in hopes of making it a lot better.

There's also the hero/protector part of his personality and I think if something bad did happen in New Dodge, he'd want to help right off.

How do you plan to expand their CR?

Hiro isn't the most social of people, but he knows he's there to help, so he won't stay in his shell long. He's good at pushing himself out of his comfort zone, even if warming up to crowds does in fact take it's time. But once he gets there, there's really no stopping him. So finding people to interact with won't be hard. He tends to gravitate towards the brainy types, but he'll talk to anyone once he has a mind to.

What will your character do for work?

He's going to work at NexGen.


His cat, Mochi. A bag of clothes. A small box of his nanobots. The headgear used to control them. A photograph of him, Aunt Cass and Tadashi.

Third-Person Sample:

TDM thread wherein he's doing his best to be friendly.

First-Person Sample:

Hey, guys. So, big news! I'm going to Outer Space. No, I'm not taking Baymax out to test-drive some new space suit. I'm actually leaving San Fransokyo for a while. A few months, at least. A much fun as I'm having at school, I need a break. We've done a lot in the past few months. Stopping Yokai, finding his daugher floating in the space between the portals. Everything else we've done as ourselves and as Big Hero Six.

I need a break. As much as I love it, I think I just need to be a kid for a while so:

Honey Lemon: You keep being cheerful and amazing. I don't think I've ever met someone who remained so upbeat as you do. Don't ever change.

GoGo: I left blueprints for you for your bike. Your electromagnetic suspension idea is a brilliant one, but I think I found a way to make the wheels go as fast as you want. Give it a shot. Let me know.

Wasabi: Breathe, dude. Seriously. Relax.

Just kidding. Never change. I'll be back soon to wreak havoc on your 'system'.

Fred: There is nothing you can ever say that will make me think your underwear can be worn front, back, inside out and then front and back again. Shower. Do laundry. Seriously. And try to not start fires with your suit.

Baymax: Take care of Aunt Cass and everyone. I'm counting on you.




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